Want to be adequately
prepared for an
unexpected disaster?

Join the RAMP membership team.
RAMP membership Is offset by tremendous discounts on services such as engineering, appraisals, and contracting work.


As a member, you are certain to have all of the resources needed to respond and recovery from any disaster?

Without a proper plan and the means to execute it, your organization will endure a prolonged and costly recovery. When questions concerning insurance coverage, and property conditions arise it will already be too late to capture the necessary data for presenting your claim and defining an accurate scope for mitigation and reconstruction.

RAMP will empower you to think proactively and execute plan ahead of time.

How does RAMP Membership Work?





RAMP first conducts a comprehensive review of your insurance policy, legal documents that affect the application of coverage and your current disaster plan. This allows RAMP to identify your true exposure to potential events.  

A thorough site inspection is executed to gather data for your (PCR) Property Conditions Report.

RAMP creates a full digital landscape of you property using this data.

RAMP develops a personalized disaster plan based on your specific needs. 





RAMP establishes secure online communication portals.

RAMP updates that plan on a yearly basis.

RAMP and responds when needed.

RAMP vendor network is a available 24/7.

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