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RAMP provides risks mitigation strategies for various property types and ownership profiles.


Association board members and their property managers are challenged by increasingly stringent and demanding insurance marketplace. See how RAMP provides solutions for insurance underwriting, disaster planning, and project management.
Having the proven plan to regain occupancy after a catastrophe is paramount. Property managers gain access to personnel and platforms that monitor tenants, contractors, and insurance representatives during response and recovery. RAMP is a trusted partner for managing the inherent risks associated with owning and managing multifamily properties.
Local, State, and Federal Governments have the enormous challenge of ensuring a myriad of building types and capital equipment. The resources they manage are vital to the communities they serve, especially during a crisis. Learn how RAMP assists municipalities, military, public schools, universities and other governmental organizations with disaster preparedness, engineering, damage assessment, repair cost estimating, auditing, and FEMA procurement.
Commercial and Industrial properties like manufacturing, retail, distribution centers, office buildings, and warehousing all present unique risks. Capital equipment, business interruption, extra expense coverage, contractual obligations, and tenant leases are some of the numerous elements considered when RAMP develops tailored risk mitigation plans for these clients. RAMP platforms protect business owners and their assets by providing proven processes and powerful technologies that ensure disaster resiliency. RAMP members have peace of mind knowing that their assets and businesses are protected 24/7, 365 days a year.
Hospitals, assisted living facilities, and medical office buildings have a vital role in the communities they serve. Performing work in healthcare environments presents unique challenges such as, 24hr occupancy, good housekeeping guidelines, Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), and other regulatory awareness and compliance. RAMP administrators and vendors rely on their experience, training, and pre-disaster planning to maintain seamless operations while mitigating and rebuilding medical facilities. Find out how RAMP’s tailored platforms aid building engineers and site administrators to prepare for, respond to, manage, and recover from a loss.
RAMP assists resorts, hotels, casinos, and other entertainment venues by developing strategies to quickly recover from disasters and resume business. Our team of experts conduct in-depth analysis to identify potential gaps in property coverage, business personal property, business interruption, and other exposures. Learn how RAMP integrates risk exposure analysis with the property conditions report to provide each member with a customized risk mitigation plan that ensures full recovery.

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