RAMP eliminates property insurance fraud, unnecessary appraisal, and litigation. RAMP provides members with resources to efficiently restore property back to pre-loss conditions with minimal of out-of-pocket expense. RAMP ensures fair and reasonable settlement of claims through a transparent process backed by building science and technology.  Vendors in the RAMP network utilize RAMP’s platforms to ensure fair and timely compensation for the services they render.

What is RAMP? 

RAMP is a Membership Program providing step-by-step risk mitigation platforms to property owners and managers that utilize proprietary technologies to PREPARE its members to RESPOND to, MANAGE and RECOVER from any catastrophic event or peril.

Why is RAMP Needed? 

Insurance is essential to your property, business, and overall peace of mind. However, solely relying on insurance is not enough to protect your property. Extreme weather and natural disasters have increasingly impacted insurance markets resulting in rising premiums and declining coverage. This has placed immense pressure on insureds for available products and renewals of existing policies. RAMP’s solution is to provide members the necessary tools to obtain ample insurance, maintain coverage and manage potential losses. 

What Does RAMP Provide?

RAMP provides peace of mind by ensuring that member assets are protected against any type of loss. We utilize state of the art technology such as LiDAR aerial mapping, 3D virtual modeling, proprietary project management software and systems. RAMP members receive a yearly Property Conditions Report (PCR) to establish a baseline of the property that can be referenced in future claims thus eliminating disagreements about the origin of damages and scope of work. Furthermore, the same property reports can be use during underwriting to inform property appraisals, statement of value, reserve studies, and engineering. RAMP partners with property owners to develop site-specific pre-disaster plans that account for all aspects of protecting property such as vendor selection, pre-positioning of vital resources, establishing communication platforms, providing auditing tools among other.

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