The RAMP Program is Revolutionizing
the property & casualty insurance industry.



RAMP is a progressive, forward-thinking, solution-based Program uniquely designed to unite insureds, carriers, agents, managers, and contractors under one unified platform. This collaboration fosters a cohesive approach to risk management and opens up new avenues for innovation and strategic advancement in the marketplace.


RAMP is a leading data management company specializing in comprehensive property inspections for both commercial and residential properties, specifically tailored for efficient claims management. We maintain an extensive database, granting carriers instant access to crucial data. In the event of an unexpected claim, our repository of raw data ensures a swift and accurate claims processing, facilitating the prompt restoration of the property.
At RAMP, we are continuously seeking opportunities to collaborate with carriers and offer our specialized program. If you represent an insurance company and would like to explore the benefits of our program further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Brokers / Agents

At RAMP, we consistently collaborate with brokerages and agencies to facilitate comprehensive inspections of both commercial and residential properties. Our extensive database empowers brokers and agencies by providing detailed reports, enhancing their understanding of these properties.

Property Management

Property management companies partnering with RAMP benefit from our extensive database, which enables them to annually monitor the condition of their properties. This valuable resource not only aids in proactively addressing potential claims but also provides real-time data to effectively manage each property.


At RAMP, we maintain an extensive roster of approved vendors who are integral members of our program. We are continually seeking new contractors and vendors who leverage our systems and proprietary technologies to expedite the recovery of structures in the event of a claim. Our network of contractors and vendors spans nationwide, ensuring that we can promptly engage them during any emergent situation.

If you are a contractor or vendor interested in exploring the opportunities we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for further¬†information.