Building Science

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The RAMP Program is establishing a forefront reputation in building science through its advanced forensic investigations into building durability and performance. Our expertise lies in conducting detailed examinations of a structure’s real-time conditions, focusing on providing accurate information to insurance carriers and asset owners. The insights garnered from these investigations are crucial for informed decision-making regarding coverage, maintenance, and repairs.

Our team at RAMP comprises engineers and scientists who are experts in various disciplines. Together, they conduct thorough investigations, analyses, and documentation of properties at all stages – before, during, and after a loss. Our professionals specialize in mitigation and remediation protocols, construction, forensic engineering, and damage assessment of critical structural components like roofing systems, doors, windows, building envelopes, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.


RAMP has developed proprietary technologies and protocols tailored to assess real-time building conditions while accounting for the unique attributes of each property:

Property Identification: Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as infrared, 3-D photogrammetry imaging, and UAV LiDAR mapping, the experts at RAMP create a comprehensive digital landscape of each property inspected. This sophisticated approach is instrumental in uncovering potential concealed damages, providing a thorough and accurate assessment of the property’s condition.

Property Reporting: RAMP’s proprietary technology enables the creation of precise and comprehensive damage assessment reports. These reports include 3-D virtual tours, psychometric analyses, moisture mapping, 360-degree modeling, and photographic journals of affected materials. This detailed reporting ensures that all parties are well-informed about the extent of the damages to make educated decisions based on reliable data.


Property Analysis: The team of forensic engineers, building consultants, and scientists at RAMP thoroughly analyzes the identified and documented damages. Their meticulous approach results in precise and comprehensive damage reports. These reports are crucial as they provide a clear understanding of the extent of the damages to both the insurance carrier and the asset owner, enabling the setting of accurate reserves for restoration and repairs.

Property Estimating: The RAMP estimating team, comprised of experienced insurance adjusting veterans, utilizes various platforms such as Xactimate, RSMeans, and contractor proposals to provide accurate repair cost valuations.

RAMP’s steadfast dedication to accuracy and comprehensive support provides essential insights into the complex field of building science and forensic investigations. Partnering with RAMP gives asset owners and insurance carriers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their decisions are well-informed and grounded in the precise, reliable reports provided by the RAMP Program on tractor proposals to provide accurate repair cost valuations.


Our company places a strong emphasis on data management and security, considering it the core of our operations. Collecting data efficiently and innovatively is crucial for staying at the forefront of our industry. We continuously upgrade our systems, utilize the latest technology, and develop cutting-edge applications. Our focus is on improving systems and processes to provide effective support to our members.