Embrace the
Power of Change

What will change look
like for you?

At RAMP, we see a new era on the horizon where property insurance claims are free of fraud, arbitration or litigation. What does change mean to you?

Why the system must Change!

“Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”


Membership Program

RAMP Prepares its members to Respond, Manage, and Recover from any loss.


Partner Opportunities

RAMP collaborates with its partners to Optimize opportunities and minimize risk.


Join Our Team

Unleash your potential with RAMP. We’re always looking for like-minded, hardworking individuals eager to drive change in the industry.

and Building

RAMP’s scientists utilize advanced technologies in autonomy, infrared, 3-D imaging, and UAV LiDAR mapping to create a digital property landscape that identifies affected materials, moisture, and potential hidden damages.

Claims Management
in Real-Time

RAMP provides comprehensive data with clear and concise reporting in real-time via our communications portal. Allowing full access to all parties sets clear expectations and provides a platform to immediately address inconsistencies within a claim. Establishing clear communication matters